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Hypertension Control with Coconut Water & Mauby??

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Mauby Bark

The University of The West Indies has conducted clinical trials back in 2005 indicating the effect of consuming coconut water and mauby bark extract (columbria arborescens)

Surprisingly this mixture had a positive effect on greatly reducing the systolic pressure, which is when the heart beats. I learned about Mauby bark growing up in St Thomas US Virgin Islands, being prepared by grannie days in advance for fermentation as we drank it as a spicy cool refreshing beverage.

The mauby bark can be found in my Atonikshok bitter root tonic which was crafted in 2015 to aid in detoxing, purging, and digestion regulation as well as other benefits.

For those who don't know mauby bark is very bitter and must be properly harvested as well.



Young green coconuts on my property in Boynton Beach

Here is another link you can copy and paste into your browser for more studies conducted by India on the effects of coconut water for hypertension.

Mauby tree in Fairchild's Botanical Garden's in Miami

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