• Robert Diaz, HN

21 Day Meditation Challenge Day 6


Day 6: “Everything I desire is within me.” Sanskrit mantra: Ram, ram, ram, everything I desire is within me.

Desired Focus

Day 6

I (state your full name, or name you most identify with), am starting a new relationship with money today.

I believe money is good, pure, useful and necessary for my growth, and well-being.

Money comes to me easily and frequently and I am open and ready to receive that which is already mine and more.

Money brings positive things into my life and I deserve to be prosperous and have those things.

Money is my friend; I value it, respect it, and nurture it. In return, it grows every day. Success and money accompany me, everywhere I go.

I am free to create my own money stories that serve and support me and my family.

I know that money is easy to obtain, create, and grow. I am supported in all areas of my life and I am open to receive all that is mine. There is an abundance of wealth and there is always plenty for me.

 And so it is.

This statement must be written 10 times in in your notebook.

Also, record an audio with this statement.


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