• Robert Diaz, HN



Day 5 Centering thought: “Today, I embrace my potential to be, do, and have whatever I can dream.”

Sanskrit mantra: Sat, chit, ananda, existence, consciousness, bliss.

Good Morning!

Day 5

Today you get to pay off all the debts and expenses listed in yesterday's activities. 

You, my friend, are DEBT FREE! YOU are FINANCIALLY FREE!

Create checks or money orders. You can draw them in your notebook or create them on the computer and  print them.

Turn on your favorite music! You are about to celebrate!

As you fill out each check, imagine that you are paying off that debt.

How are you feeling? Are you smiling? Do you have tears in your eyes? Are you doing the happy dance?

Tap into the experience.

In the memo section write, “Paid in FULL!” Add a for fun.


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