• Robert Diaz, HN


YOUR HERE! #21daymeditationchallenge

Congratulations, you did it!

My sacred space in nature
I was meditating in Ocean Ridge Hammock

Have you heard about the 7 wealth activators?

Giving out Giving away Giving up Giving in Giving thanks Giving to yourself Forgiving

Everything is energy. It must circulate for you to be abundant.

Flow = affluence current = currency

Keep your channels open so your energy can flow. Challenges will  come; they will help you grow.

This is your year. Your future is in your hands. You get to choose every day how you spend your time, and who you spend time with.

Awareness… gratitude… grace

Send this group a video or a written message (preferably a video) describing your experience of the past 21 Days of Abundance (feelings, observations, changes in  you or the people around you). noticed in yourself and the people around you)

Also, tell us what you do and how we can support you. What projects are you working on? There may be people in this group to collaborate with or who can refer you to Someone else.

 Good meditation to all....


It has been my pleasure taking you on this journey!

Robert Diaz, HN

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