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Day 19: “Today, I remember to love everything and everyone I come in contact with.” Sanskrit mantra: Sat, chit, ananda, existence, consciousness, bliss.

Out in nature in Eldarado Ca
Eldarado Hills, California 2017

Day 19

Read the story below, two or more times. Write down your reflections and thoughts - in your notebook and in our group if you wish.

Once upon a time, there was a king who told his Entourage:

“I just bought one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world and I am going to turn it into a ring.

This ring will be an heirloom. Therefore, I want to hide a message in the ring  in the ring that will serve my kin in times of despair.

It  must be a concise enough to fit under the diamond. 

All those who listened were wise, they could write long, complicated essays, but not one could deliver what the king needed.

The King mother died when he was young, leaving a servant to raise him. The servant took care of the young king and was treated like a member of the family.

The king felt great respect for the old man, and so he consulted him.  The old man said:

"I'm not wise, not educated, nor an academic, but I have a message. During my life in the palace,  I met all kinds of people. Once I met a mystic. He was invited by your father and I was his servant. 

The old man wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it, and handed it to the king.  "Do not read it."  He said: "Keep it hidden in the ring and open it only when there is no other way out."

A short while later, the kingdoms was invaded, and the king lost the battle. 

The King fled with some of his men  but his enemies went looking for them him shortly after.  He was alone and the enemies were numerous. 

He reached the end of the road.

Before him, there was a deep valley, and if he fell, he would have died.

He could hear the sounds of his enemies horses in the background There was no way out.

He remembered the ring.  He opened it, took out the piece of paper, and read the message:

"This too shall pass."

When he read the message, he felt a great sense of relief and he could no longer hear the pounding of hooves. enemies who pursued him that night.

The King was grateful to the servant and the unknown mystic.  He gathered his army and returned to the kingdom with a sense of victory.

They had a huge celebration.

The old servant stood beside the king and said.  "Read the message again.”

And the old servant said, "Listen to me carefully. This message applies not only in times of despair, also in times of celebration.

The King opened the ring and read the message:

"This too shall pass".

Once again, he was engulfed Jan sense of peace. In the midst of the celebration, the king was silent.

His pride and ego were gone.  The king understood the message.  He was enlightened.

Then the old man asked:

“Do you remember everything that happened to you? Nothing is permanent. As there is day,  there is a  night. There are moments of happiness and moments of sadness. Accept them as a “normal” because they are part of life."*

Have a great practice ♥


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